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Earn up to 100% Annual Gross Commission
PLUS Receive Passive Residual Income


At Better Living Real Estate®, we believe that there should be NO LIMITS to your personal income growth. To accomplish this, we've developed an industry leading compensation plan that starts with you truly keeping 70% of your GROSS transaction commission and moving up to 100% commission based on our annual CAP compensation program... (Ask us to review all the cool details)...  Whether you are a seasoned expert or a new licensee, we've developed compensation and employment positions that work conveniently with your schedule, your lifestyle and your skills.  It's not just about earning industry leading commissions, we help you build long term residual wealth.

Earn Up to 100% - Keep More With Us
No Franchise Fees | No Fees At All | Amazing Commissions
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We have extremely lucrative compensation for full-time Associates and amazing opportunities for part-time Associates looking to build their careers. If you're geared toward management and leadership opportunities, we'll help you grow a team or open a local branch office without any franchise fee, liabilities or costs.  We'll support your personal goals and success on multiple levels, including the opportunity to earn incredible passive residual income.

A REAL WEALTH BUILDING OPPORTUNITY! Our brokerage commissions are paid from the GROSS COMMISSION received and retained by the brokerage, AND are paid by your choice of check or direct deposit into your bank account. 

As a growing brand with a forward thinking vision, we have the ability to quickly adapt to market conditions and innovations. Your opportunities are limitless. We’re in the business of empowering and supporting our Associates, and our “Honest Compensation Plan” is the best in the industry.

Honest Compensation & GROSS Commission
It's Not Just What You Earn, It's About What You Keep
No Fees Just Seemed Like an Honest Deal

Better Living Real Estate® does not charge any fees to our Associates.
NO franchise fees, NO membership fees, NO technology fees, NO insurance fees, NO advertising fees,
NO desk fees and NO association fees are charged to our Associates.  
Our commission splits are easy to understand and are HONEST Splits.

to fit your LIFESTYLE and CAREER Goals

Passive and Residual Income for Associates

Our Sponsorship program easily allows a real estate licensee to put their license to work in order to produce passive residual income.  A real estate license is a valuable and hard earned accomplishment. By having your license actively associated with Better Living Real Estate®, you can earn active and passive residual income from multiple sources, even if you're not personally working with real estate clients.

Sponsor an Associate
Earn Passive Residual Income

When you sponsor, refer, or recruit another real estate licensee to Better Living Real Estate® for employment, you're known as the Sponsoring Associate or "Sponsor."  As a Sponsor, you earn passive residual commissions from every real estate closing originated by an Associate that you sponsor, and by Associates who are then sponsored by your Sponsored Associates.  It's a two tier system of paying you for introducing new Associates to our amazing brokerage, and a way for you to potentially earn thousands of dollars per month in additional income. We call these residual commissions "Sponsorship Residuals." 

It's important to note that all Sponsors are paid by the brokerage and residual payments do not negatively impact the Sponsored Associate.  The Associate is always paid the full 70% Gross Commission from their closing as shown in the table below.  The 1st Tier Sponsor earns 5% of the Gross Commission from a Sponsored Associate's closing.  The 2nd Tier Sponsor earns 1% of the Gross Commission.  The ability to earn two separate tiers of residuals creates a "compounding" effect allowing for a potentially unlimited number of Associates sponsored in the second tier of passive residual income.

Here's a sample breakdown of how commissions would be paid in the case outlined above for a $10,000 GROSS commission with a Sponsored Associate earning a 70% commission split.  This example assumes the Sponsored Associate closes a transaction for a client at a 2.5% cooperating brokerage commission.  It also assumes there is both a 1st Tier and 2nd Tier Sponsor for the Associate. You'll note that both the 1st and 2nd Tier Sponsors and the Team Leader are paid by the brokerage (from the brokerage side split) and that those residual payments do not affect the Associate's 70% Gross Commission income from the closing. 

We Pay YOU Residuals and Commissions after Each Closing.
Start at 70% and Earn up to 100% based on annual volume of closed sales.








70%  No Fees


1st Tier Sponsor (Associate’s Sponsor)

5% Gross

(1st Tier Residual paid by brokerage)     $500

Team Leader

4% Gross

(Team Leader paid by brokerage)     $400

2nd Tier Sponsor

1% Gross

(2nd Tier Residual paid by brokerage)     $100


20% Gross


Build wealth and a long term financial business plan.
Partner with a brokerage that believes in REAL RESIDUAL COMMISSION SHARING, with NO GIMMICKS!

The diagram below shows how our Honest Compensation Plan shares the income from a transaction with the Team Leader and Sponsors.  Associates start at 70% GROSS commissions from their closings, with no fees and no costs deducted. At higher volumes, you earn 100% with our annual CAP compensation program.  All Sponsorship residuals and payment to the Team Leader is paid by the brokerage. You're able to grow passive residual wealth by simply introducing great real estate licensees to our brokerage, helping them get superior training, support and keeping more of their hard earned commission.  Everybody wins with our compensation plan!

*Please note that the above is an example, and that actual commission splits depend on the sale price of the property.  Additional factors may affect actual commission splits and payments which may include closing cost concessions, MLS rules and regulations, etc. Sponsors are not paid residuals from company generated leads or company generated clients. Sponsors are paid when the client is generated by the sponsored Associate. For more information and answers to your questions, have a confidential conversation with us. **A nominal administrative fee is charged to process closings during participation the annual CAP program.  Ask for further details during a confidential interview.

Active Real Estate Sales Agent & Broker Positions

Start at 70% Gross Commission Split
Build to 100% Gross Commission annually
with our "CAP" Program
(Release Date, July 2018 - Ask us for details)

For real estate licensees that want to help buyers and sellers with the purchase or sale of residential or commercial property, Better Living Real Estate® has several positions available for you!

New Agents:  We help new real estate agents learn the skills necessary to succeed.  We provide an abundance of TRAINING that will help you build a lasting career in real estate and achieve your goals as either a part-time or full time agent.  Let us help you grow your book of business or expand your career and opportunities. Our training will get you up and running in the right direction with the ability to earn a great income.  Contact us for more information and an interview.

Experienced Agents:  For experienced real estate agents, our Senior Associate and Team Leadership positions offer career and income growth paths that can be tailored to your personal career and closing volume goals. Our promise to you is that we'll help YOU close more business!   Real estate licensees that have joined us from other brokerages will tell you that by using our proven business building systems, they've increased their business and NET INCOME in just their first year.  Our training, support, technology and proven business model is easy to learn and easy to put into practice.  You'll perform at a higher level and give your clients better service with our turn-key business systems that assist you throughout the process.

Team Leadership and Branch Management:   If you're a leader and want to grow your own team or open your own Better Living Real Estate® Branch office, we should talk!  With our residual income, management compensation plan and full support from our brokerage, our Team Leader and Branch Manager positions were custom developed for you.  Better Living Real Estate® will provide you with everything you need to grow your own brand and team with our proven brokerage solutions.  At Better Living Real Estate®, we include all the free technology, free training and free support your team needs to be productive and successful.  All of this and with NO FEES! Have a conversation with us to learn even more about how we invest in you to help you grow and succeed!

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