Three Decades of tradition...
With Three Decades of Experience we've learned a lot.
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Better Living Real Estate® is a FULL SERVICE real estate brokerage licensed in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  We are one of the the fastest growing real estate brands in New England, with dozens of new Associates joining our company each year.  

Learning about our company, mission, extensive training, seven day per week support and our extremely competitive compensation plans is why when compared to other brokerages, there really isn't much comparison.  Quite simply, we offer everything that a real estate licensee needs to succeed, be paid well and grow a career based on helping people and families with their important real estate needs. 

You are put in the driver's seat to build your career around your schedule and with your personal goals and income as the building blocks of your personal success plan and career with us.  We work to support and help you succeed so that your clients succeed with you.  It's not uncommon to hear that Associates joining Better Living Real Estate have doubled their yearly production and closings within their first year with our brokerage.  Success is contagious!

When we formed Better Living Real Estate®, it was after 24 years of successfully growing a consumer-centric brokerage firm based on "Connecting Homes to Buyers" under our former brokerage name, Buyer's Network, Inc. 

Buyer's Network was one of the first "Exclusive Buyer Agency" focused real estate firms in New England.  We were fortunate to have built a great company, with very dedicated staff and a loyal client base.  In 2010, as times and economic conditions had clearly changed during the Great Recession, we worked collaboratively with all of our agents giving them a creative hand in the evolution of our brand into a brokerage that would carry on the best traditions of Buyer's Network, but more importantly, take an optimistic approach to the future of real estate as an industry and career.


Questions like, "What do we want our purpose to be?" and "How do we best embody the values and spirit of why we chose real estate as a career?" were asked and answered by our staff in group meetings and round-tables prior to finalizing the "re-purposing" of our brand under our new name, "Better Living Real Estate®."

After extensive planning and engineering, we
our existing brokerage on January 1, 2012 as
Better Living Real Estate®
with the mission of building a
Better Living For A Better Life®


Better Living Real Estate® is a member of all the essential professional real estate organizations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, giving you access to resources, career development and essential information.  Our brokerage Memberships include, but are not limited to:

Participating in professional real estate associations gives our Associates additional access to training, resources, industry ethics and guidelines and other information that puts you on par with the best real estate insight in New England.


Better Living Real Estate is a GREEN BUSINESS.  Keeping with our vision of "Better Living for a Better Life®," we have put into place systems and practices that have a positive impact on the environment and our community.  Our green business strategies go beyond regulations and standards typically found in the real estate industry and franchises.  Our continued commitment to a healthy and sustainable future is completely in sync with our baseline goals.  Better Living Real Estate® has adopted principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for our customers and Associates. 

Our "Green and Blue" leaves are part of our logo and creates a visual impact
demonstrating our commitment to the environment.

With a meaningful mission, a name with purpose and a fantastic system of values, we continue to be one of the best real estate companies in Massachusetts and Rhode Island working as your business partner to take your real estate career to the next level.
Better Living For A Better Life®