State of the Art Technology - For FREE!
We'll it's not exactly free;
it's just that we pay for it instead of you.


Better Living Real Estate® invests in our Associates and their success by providing industry leading technology at no cost to you.  We're technology experts. We develop, deploy and train you on paperless "cloud" based systems that are custom built and developed by our in-house technology team.  We've made it simple and easy for you to work from anywhere in the world, on your own time and when convenient to you.  All your technology works just perfectly and seamlessly on your mobile phone, tablet and computer.  You'll be amazed how easy and seamless it is!

We've partnered with Google, one of the biggest names in "cloud computing," bringing you state of the art technology that is fun, fast and easy to learn. Using our customized version of G Suite, built specifically for Better Living Real Estate®you'll be a mobile powerhouse. 

G Suite is a professional version of Google's well known software that we buy and customized to make running your business fast and easy.  Our proprietary systems operate on any mobile phone, tablet and computer environment.  Learning it is super fast using our one-to-one personal coaching program.  It's guaranteed to boost your productivity, organization and time management.  You'll be able to do more in less time.  

You'll also get BetterLivingPRO, an advanced mobile technology platform for team building, lead generation, customer relationship management (CRM), personal website building and more.  This impressive software is industry leading!  You'll love it!

We've built our mobile software and business tools to just work, anywhere and everywhere - plain and simple. 
We provide them to you for FREE  :-)
Now that's something to smile about!

Real estate technology & solutions that work the way you do.
They are 100% compatible with any operating system including:

Video Conferencing

Our Associates have access to the latest in video meeting technology including GoToMeeting, Google Meet, and other video connectivity platforms that allow you to be more productive and personal with your clients, peers and coach.  It's all at your fingertips, making your busy lifestyle a little less hectic and a lot more productive when you build your successful real estate career with us.

We're Constantly Innovating...

Right now, Better Living Real Estate® is developing even more solutions for our Associates.  We're looking to the future, improving and deploying everything from Open House management systems, customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business to Business Networking and Community Giving systems.  

You'll be more connected to your personal business plan, lead generation and career growth than ever before by using our proprietary software, training, coaching, and corporate business plan!

We have lead generation opportunities, custom web solutions and more,
developed in our
 software and mobile apps.

Ask us for a personal demonstration to learn more and see it in action!

With ongoing investment Human Life Technologies™ and brands, you'll love seeing our commitment to the future translate into more results and success for you right now!  Close more transactions and help more families build a Better Living For A Better Life®. 

When you build your career with us, we deliver better solutions and opportunities.
That's our promise to you!

Our systems are all about building YOU a Better Living For A Better Life®