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Our Leadership Team is Always Here for You.

Many brokerages claim to support their Associates, but only Better Living Real Estate® provides you with the most comprehensive blend of FREE live training , support and mentoring in the real estate industry. We provide all of our Associates with free personal mentoring, face to face training and online support from a Vice President, a Sponsor, live weekly training, monthly Lunch & Learn events, our Help & Support forum and our amazing library of learning resources in out Team Intranet.

All combined, our blend of real people, live training and online learning is always there to answer your questions and teach you new ways to gain more clients! You get multiple tiers of real support, available when you need it most, seven days per week, 365 days per year! You'll NEVER BE LEFT WITHOUT ANSWERS with us.

"People won't be confident in you until you are confident in yourself."

We give you the Education, Training and Real Human Support for you to always stay confident. Learn more ways to grow and service more business opportunities with us.

At Better Living Real Estate®, we know that training and support is the key to your success. Our Associates win more deals because our training and support is geared to help them succeed. Just ask any of our Associates about their experience and you'll hear success stories of why our support, training, mentoring and personalized success coaching is the absolute best in the business!

In addition to our amazing 4-TIER Support System, Better Living Real Estate® has introduced an INDUSTRY LEADING Weekly Coaching and Personal Development training program for our Associates. Our program was painstakingly developed by seasoned real estate experts, and will absolutely propel your real estate career forward like never before. No matter if you're new to the industry or a Top Producer, our education program has been designed to guarantee success for both new agents and experienced real estate professionals.

Our weekly Coaching and Personal Development consists of LIVE training through our interactive online classroom. You simply log into our LIVE TRAINING from your home office or anywhere in the world. You'll have a unique opportunity to ask questions and collaborate with our industry experts during the online classroom training. You'll gain deeper insight into developing and running a successful real estate practice. Just a sampling of recent topics include:

    • Mastering Lead Generation Methods and Systems

    • Utilizing Time Management Solutions

    • Expert Social Media Marketing

      • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and MORE

    • Leveraging Business to Business (B2B) Lead Generation and Marketing

    • Contact Management Solutions

    • Working in a Collaborative business method

    • Real Estate Business Technologies

    • Running a Mobile Office

    • Managing Your Mobile Devices

    • Using Cloud Technologies

    • Building a Sustainable Business

    • Providing Multifaceted Client Solutions

    • Make Real Estate a fulfilling Career and long term business

We're ALWAYS here to support you and help move your business forward! After all, shouldn't that be one of the most important reasons to choose a brokerage? We think so. In addition to weekly classes, we have four distinct methods of getting you the highest level of support in our industry, with fast answers to your questions. When you have all of our systems in place, you'll win the listing, wow your buyer and close that negotiation. Read below to learn more about our "4-TIERS of Support."

OUR 4-TIER Support System

Access to more answers, faster answers and "On-Demand SUPPORT."

TIER ONE - Our Team Intranet

    • Our Team Intranet was built by our Associates, for our Associates. It's filled with hundreds of pages of training, videos and links that will help you get the answers and insight you need to solve any problem.

    • Your email address is your passport to access all of the information in our interactive knowledge-base. It's part of our technology commitment to you, and allows you to have a professional business identity. You have free access to all of our business systems both day and night by simply logging-in with your email address in to discover new ways to make your business plan even better.

    • On day one, our "START" Orientation Program helps you launch your real estate career without any prior experience. We've built a plan to help new licensees succeed. Existing licensees will further enhance their business and technology skills and awareness through an abbreviated orientation program.

    • Over 200 pages of instantaneous real estate information at your fingertips with links to real estate resources, training videos and more!

    • Real Estate Document Library, Referral Resources, Company Calendar and other interactive community resources are built into the various sections of the Team Intranet.

    • Over 90% of an Associate's questions can be answered through a simple search of our Team Intranet. Beyond the Team Intranet is personal support and mentoring through Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 support. They all work together as part of our comprehensive support solution.

TIER TWO - Our Help & SUPPORT Forum

    • If you can't find an answer to your need on the Team Intranet, we've created a real-time, interactive Help & SUPPORT Forum.

    • Try searching for a keyword in the Help & SUPPORT forum to see if your question has already been answered.

    • If you don't find your question already answered, simply post your question, and our team of experienced Support Advisors will begin providing you with detailed and knowledgeable answers.

    • When on the road, you can also use our "SUPPORT" email system to connect with our entire team of Support Advisors. Through this system, multiple experts are available to always answer your questions. Our leaders are cross-trained to support our entire brokerage's needs.

    • You'll NEVER be left without LIVE Support options from highly trained real estate experts.

All this support is at your fingertips, Seven Days Per Week

TIER THREE - Human Support

    • You get REAL HUMAN SUPPORT and Mentoring by an experienced Support Vice President.

    • Better Living Real Estate will assign one a Support Vice President to work with you as part of our 3rd Tier of personal support. This includes, but isn't limited to providing you an in-depth orientation when you join our brokerage, troubleshooting transactions or other business needs to help you resolve issues and boost your performance, and encourage you to master our business systems.

    • We believe that having a real person interested in your success and there for you is an important part of your relationship with us.

    • Your Support Vice President is compensated by the brokerage to SUPPORT you. Unlike other brokerages, You PAY NOTHING for a Vice President to be there to assist you.

    • Your Support Vice President is specifically tasked with the job to help you succeed, and is trained to help you become a top producer!

    • In addition to your Support Vice President, we give you even more, our entire team of leaders are cross-trained to support our local teams.

    • Personal mentoring and weekly one-one coaching is part of your orientation and ongoing work relationship with your Support Vice President.

    • Success comes from actions, not just words. We constantly deliver!

TIER FOUR - Your ENTIRE TEAM Supporting You

    • Everyone in our brokerage is part of one big TEAM, and that's why we created our exclusive Team Facebook Group, exclusive for Better Living Real Estate® Associates!

    • At Better Living Real Estate® "teamwork" is an essential part of our corporate culture. We all work together to help each other and our clients succeed.

    • If you're looking to start a topic of conversation, find a referral recommendation or share some helpful information with other Associates at Better Living Real Estate®, those are perfect reasons for you to connect with our Team Facebook Group.

    • With all the experience and talent we have at our brokerage, we all continue to help and learn from each other!

With More Support, You'll Close More Business...

It's just one more reason to make the switch to a Better Living For A Better Life®!