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Our PROVEN Business Plan Will Increase Your Closings & Income

Four Channels of Lead Generation & Business Development

Real Estate Lead Generation

Our Better Living Real Estate® proprietary "multi-channel" business plan is based on four distinct pathways that ensure your long term success in your real estate career.  Simply put, you'll develop more real estate business opportunities faster and with greater confidence utilizing our training and four channels of business development.

We support you with all the business tools you need, plus live weekly training and peer mentoring at NO COST to you.  We've perfected these success systems over three decades.  Our proven business plan will  fuel your real estate career and financial success.

LEAD GENERATION & CONVERSION systems are an integral part of our business model.  We'll give you access to company generated leads, open houses, business networking, social events, and social marketing systems.  We  teach and train you on maximizing our proprietary business tool to convert prospective clients into closed real estate transactions.

Earn More & Keep More with Better Living Real Estate®!

With so many tools and support, your success is virtually guaranteed!  

Real Estate Career Success Training

Growth & Stability

Better Living Real Estate®, provides multiple options for growing a stable and long term business plan and real estate career in any market.  Choose to utilize our complete multi-channel approach to building business, or just take the parts of the program that best fit with your personality and personal growth plan.  At Better Living Real Estate®, it's all about you and your success; we simply give you a proven infrastructure and business model that allows you to build around your personal life and income goals.

Real Estate Career Growth


Don't allow your personal business plan to be a "one trick pony."  Develop a BALANCED approach to business that provides more opportunity, more success and a better quality of life.  We can personally show you how to do it, and how you can use that balance to drive greater results. 

Real Estate Career Training at Better Living Real Estate


The number one complaint of real estate licensees at other brokerages is that they don't get enough consistent training and support at their company.

We solve that problem with amazing support, coaching, personal mentoring and training!


Better Living Real Estate has amazing training and a one-to-one mentoring program that is the absolute BEST in the real estate industry.

Channel 1: Corporate Integrity

Everyone wants to work for a company with a good moral compass and integrity.  At Better Living Real Estate®, we believe in the "American Dream" of home ownership.  We also remember the days when corporations were responsible not only to their customers, but also to the families that worked for them.  These are traditional values that require integrity, honesty, trust and ethics to be built into a company's DNA.

Better Living Real Estate® maintains the highest ethical standards and most advanced business systems to give you the support and motivation to succeed.  We test all of our programs and company goals using our belief of "Better Living for a Better Life®."  If a company policy isn't improving the lives of our clients and Associates, then we don't implement it.  A good moral compass is all it takes to run an amazing company and brand.

Better Living Real Estate Career Ethics

Just a few things Better Living Real Estate® provides our Associates:

Channel 2: Build YOUR Brand!

Social Media & Sphere of Interest Marketing

Better Living Real Estate® provides training, tools and ongoing support to grow your “sphere of influence,” and exposure through social media marketing strategies and campaigns. This helps you Build YOUR Personal Brand, social following and personal business. 

Better Living Real Estate Social Marketing

We have success strategies that help you take advantage of the POWER of social marketing and blogging to expand your referral base through leading social web sites, tools and mobile apps including:

Facebook | LinkedIn | X (formerly Twitter) | Pinterest | YouTube | Blogger | Instagram | and More

Blogging is another great way for you to expand your reach to potential clients. Using our blogging system and tools, you'll not only easily be able to create a blog, but also have the training and support to be able to utilize blogging as a way to create another powerful marketing strategy to penetrate specific towns and real estate markets more effectively.  With Better Living Real Estate®, you'll grow an online audience, SEO  (Search Engine Optimization) and search engine ranking that will create and drive more business directly to you.

Grow your social media marketing and online reputation as a real estate professional with a real estate brokerage that understands and supports social media marketing to fuel your income potential and business goals.  Better Living Real Estate® is your company supporting YOUR Brand.

Channel 3: LSNPros

Leadership - Sharing - Networking - Professionals

Build a Professional Business Team & Network

Growing your professional resources and building your professional network is a whole lot easier with Better Living Real Estate.  Our and proprietary Local Services Network  system, tools and training will help you build more business opportunities and better assist your clients.

For over 15 years, the Leadership Team at Better Living Real Estate® has helped our Associates grow their business, client resources, referrals and income through local, community based business networking using our LSN system.

The fact is that anyone owning a home needs experts when buying, selling and living in a home.  Your clients are faced with Important financial decisions, tax implications, estate planning, construction, maintenance and renovation decisions. Your LSN business team and the collaborative solutions of easily solve and provide you and clients with the tools and solutions needed to make your transactions and their home ownership a rewarding and great experience.

Better Living Real Estate Networking

We'll help you create your own LSN business team, complementing  and improving any of your existing business relationships.  You'll have access to "real estate specific" solutions for you and your clients in a way that other networking groups simply can't deliver.  In an organized and well managed LSN business team, you'll have happier clients, smoother transactions and significantly increased personal income.  Ask us to provide you with more details about how your LSN business team will help you close more transactions. View a sample LSNPros Business Team by visiting Greater Boston Advisors.

Channel 4: Community Service & Giving Back

We've all heard the old saying that “all real estate is local,” but what does that really mean?

At Better Living Real Estate®, our philosophy of Better Living for a Better Life® goes beyond just a simple saying or motto. We support and encourage our Associates to become invested in the well being of their communities through our management and corporate initiatives.  Real Estate is local and community based business. It's part of our natural way of life and a chance for you to make a real difference.

Better Living Real Estate Community Giving

We encourage every one of our Associates to get involved in their communities on a personal level.  Donating time and helping people improve their lives, gives back much more than you donate.

To support this effort, Better Living Real Estate® is a founding partner to the MyGiveBackProgram initiative.

First Responders - Community Protectors

Better Living Real Estate® also supports those who have given so much for the protection and security of their communities and country. 

In 2015, Better Living Real Estate® founded the Community Protectors Real Estate Program for First Responders, Veterans and their immediate family members.  "Community Protectors" are ever present in our local towns and cities when we need them, and we're here to serve them when they need us.

This fourth channel in our business model is more than just participating in your community, it’s a way to build relationships, your personal resume and learn about all the ways that your community comes together in its own live "eco-system" of bettering lives.  Being a part of that is energizing and gives balance to the stress of business by knowing you're part of something bigger than just a paycheck.  

At Better Living Real Estate®, you're part of improving lives and showing that caring is at the heart of our core character.

It's part of what makes Better Living For A Better Life® have so much more meaning than just a tag-line.