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Marcie Rappa Better Living Real Estate Agent Career

Vice President

"Twenty plus years ago, I knew that I wanted to work at a brokerage that was family oriented, and about making the process seamless for the client. It was about helping my clients have a great experience. I've always been driven by great customer service and helping people.

The opportunity to build that vision was found when I learned more about Better Living Real Estate®. The humble and collaborative environment is what I enjoy the most here, and it keeps me satisfied as I continue to build my career and help other agents learn a better way to do business in my role as a Support Vice President.

For a new real estate licensee, or an experienced real estate agent you'll find opportunity to take your real estate career to the next level! The education and support at Better Living Real Estate is amazing. When you add all the tools and knowledge of the Better Living Real Estate® Team Intranet, it’s like liquid gold! I’m impressed by the growth of our agents weekly during our collaborative roundtable discussions. Learning new ideas and ways to improve real estate service for my clients has always been a focus, and we all get the best information here. There are so many ways to be successful when you have a great team behind you, and Better Living Real Estate is all about "teamwork!"

I’ve found what works for me, and as our team grows, they’re all excited to be part of this family environment as well. The positive feedback from our agents who’ve switched their licenses from other brokerages is humbling, and we all agree we wish we found Better Living Real Estate® earlier in our careers. It truly is a Better Living For a Better Life!" - Marcie Rappa

Nick Helgesen Better Living Real Estate Broker Career

Executive Vice President

"Prior to joining Better Living Real Estate®, I owned and operated RE/MAX franchises for nearly two decades. Wanting to simplify, and having been burnt out on the typical franchise brokerage model, I sold the company, and planned on having my own independent brokerage.

Within a few weeks from opening my own new brand, I just happened to have a call with my old friend Bob Simone to ask some technology advice and systems for my new Fairhaven, MA office. That started a great conversation about all the technology, training and innovation that was happening at Better Living Real Estate®. It was a lot more than what I had seen during my years with RE/MAX and it got my gears turning.

A few days later we decided to have lunch together to catch up. I had no intention of changing my course as I was already well into the process of opening my new brand, but three hours later, having looked at the Better Living Real Estate® platform, I began to question my rationale for continuing in the broker/owner business. The tools, resources, and simplicity the company offered were staggering.

Looking deeper, it became apparent that the Better Living Real Estate® organization had attracted high caliber people, any of whom could have gone into business for themselves. As I compared the state of the art technology, training, mobility and particularly, the residual income potential that the company already had in place, with the prospect of trying to reinvent similar components for my own firm, my mindset quickly shifted.

After 18 years of recruiting from and studying competing real estate brokerages, I well understood the franchise models, and simply had never seen a more efficient system. And, all without risk, cost or liability!

Consulting with long time broker/owner Ken Olson who said, "I much prefer to be signing the back of checks, instead of the front of checks" was the tipping point. I proceeded to scrap my plans (at a significant cost to myself since I had already invested much time and money into my own brand) and joined Better Living Real Estate®.

I have never been more motivated, am growing my team, expanding my social media presence and collaborating with some tremendous people. The environment that has been created here is a community of agents and brokers from diverse backgrounds who clearly find value in a holistic approach to balancing life and work. I am looking forward to continuing to contribute to our growth and cannot speak highly enough of my experience. Better Living Real Estate® is changing the way real estate is practiced,.... and for the better." - Nick Helgesen

Brooke Depot Better Living Real Estate Career

Vice President

"When I decided to pursue a career in real estate, my husband and I were expecting our first child. We had just purchased our first home with the help of a Better Living Real Estate® agent, and after a very positive experience, I decided that I wanted to work with the great people here at Better Living Real Estate®.

I received my real estate license and became a Better Living Real Estate® agent only 2 months before my daughter was born. During that time, I was able to take full advantage of the multitude of training opportunities available at Better Living Real Estate® while enjoying the final stages of pregnancy. I attended weekly live training from the comfort of home, monthly "Lunch and Learns" which connected me with my fellow colleagues, and I was able to learn at all hours of the day using our Team Intranet and Help and Support forums (which certainly came in handy with a newborn at 1 AM!). By the time I was ready to jump in with clients, I felt confident in my skills as a Realtor® and my ability to provide above and beyond services with Better Living Real Estate® by my side.

Two years later, I am a Vice President and play an important leadership role within our brokerage. I have honed my skills as a Realtor® and mentor, and I enjoy helping fellow teammates through problem solving and creative thinking. Working in an environment that is team-based, non-competitive, and 100% pro-collaboration is truly the best way to grow a career in real estate. The associates at Better Living Real Estate® are so supportive of each other and love to celebrate one another's successes! You don't find that in every workplace, and when you do, you never want to leave!

As a young mom and professional Realtor®, Better Living Real Estate® gives me the best of both worlds. I work mostly from home with my kids and am able to enjoy watching them grow while supporting my family financially. I don't miss out on training or company events because I can usually attend from my kitchen or the kids' playroom. I have a team of agents to fall back on if I need help for any reason — there is always someone willing to jump in and lend a helping hand. It really is a "Better Living for a Better Life®," and once you experience that first hand, you'll never want to go back." - Brooke Depot

Susan Rossi Better Living Real Estate Career

Vice President

For more than 30 years, I have been involved with the daily aspects of a family owned custom home construction business. I am also involved with buying and selling homes in need of repair, renovating them and selling them as an investor. Having years of experience as a REALTOR®, helping people with their dream of home ownership is paramount in my career as a Realtor®.

Better Living Real Estate's motto "Better Living for a Better Life® " couldn't be more true in why I love what I do. I have worked with the big "Franchises" and Independent brokerages and found that the training and human component hadn't met my expectations until I found and joined Better Living Real Estate®.

Better Living Real Estate® gives you every opportunity to be a successful REALTOR. With four tiers of support, and real time training from wherever you are in your daily life - whether you are away on vacation or home taking care of your family - Better Living Real Estate® gives you the tools to work from anywhere and close more business.

If you are looking for independence, yet are in need to connect any time of the day or night for support and guidance, Better Living Real Estate® has every tool available to you in real time. " - Susan Rossi

Beth Lindsay Better Living Real Estate Agent Career


"I met Bob Simone while setting up an estate sale at a client’s home and was immediately struck by how he handled his clients with compassion and determined support. Later, I became a member of his Lead Share Network® as an estate liquidator and learned that Bob was looking for new agents. He and I met, and I decided to join Better Living as a part-time agent, reinstating my real estate license. I wanted to be part of this company that lived and worked their motto, “Better Living for a Better Life®.”

Over time, as I experienced the training resources, one to one coaching program, and strong team support, I found that I had grown my knowledge base and confidence level to a point where I felt that it was time to move into a full time agent position.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to build my career with Better Living Real Estate®. I have utilized the business systems that Better Living Real Estate® makes available to its agents: technology systems, social marketing and LSNPros.com, and can personally attest that I am seeing the benefits that this complete business system provides. I greatly enjoy the team concept that I believe fosters a feeling of family within the company.

I have the freedom and support to grow my business while enjoying the benefits of the mobile platform and technology that Better Living Real Estate® provides to me at no cost. Better Living for a Better Life is truly part of my personal business plan.

If you are thinking of beginning a career in real estate or making a change as an experienced agent, come and experience life at Better Living Real Estate®!" - Beth Lindsay

Kate Cleveland Better Living Real Estate Career

Vice President

"When I started working with Bob and my real estate teammates in 2005 the brokerage was then named “Buyer’s Network.” We were buyer agents and specialized in helping buyers find the right home for their needs. During the Great Recession, the brokerage evolved to become more modern, relevant and responsive to the changing needs of both clients and agents. We all had input into the company, and continue to provide it. We have invested in fantastic technology, amazing support and great continuing education-training. We also don't forget the fun, and often get together for social outings, and our now famous "Mix & Mingles! The new name became and mission became “Better Living Real Estate®.”

What I love most about Better Living Real Estate® is the flexibility to make it work with my current lifestyle. I am able to be a stay at home mom to my two children, be a wife, work as a paralegal, enjoy my own hobbies and yet still be an active member of our company. I am able to join in our meetings from home through GoToMeeting

and not miss out on any important information and training while still being home with my young children. When I need to take time off from Real Estate I do not have to worry about a commitment to any “up time” at the office answering phones, and there are no additional fees that I have to pay just to hold my license with a company.

The support that Better Living Real Estate® provides is exceptional. Even the most experienced agent will have questions and need feedback from time to time. Better Living Real Estate® is able to provide that support on multiple levels, to not only new agents but also to experienced, well vested agents. I LOVE how we all work together as a team, and the office does not have a competitive structure. All the agents are friendly and always looking to help out each other.

I would recommend Better Living Real Estate® to any agent that is looking for a TEAM approach. We truly are just like a family. I love my job and I love helping friends and families find the perfect home! I also love being part of a team that provides a “Better Living For A Better Life.” - Kate Cleveland

Kevin Dumont Better Living Real Estate Career in Rhode Island and Massachusetts

Vice President

"My career in real estate started in 1974 before I was even born. This was the year my father opened his own brokerage. He raised me in the business, and I started working in his office at a young age, receiving my sales license shortly after high school. In 2000 I became the Manager and Vice President of Dumont Realty. Our mission statement was to continuously strive for improvement. To learn, educate and apply ourselves & to work together as an independent team.

We built our brokerage on grounds of respect for our agents and to assist each other by communicating and sharing our ideas, concerns, and desires thus increasing our quality and effectiveness. Our goal was to interact with our customers, our clients, our fellow REALTORS®, consciously and professionally.

A little over a decade later we thought the best way to serve our agents and clients was to make a move to a large national franchise. After the transition to the national franchise system, I felt we left our core mission behind and we needed to make another change. It was soon after that, I was offered an employment position as the New England Regional Trainer for one of the largest brokerages in the country, and I brought our team to that brokerage.

After a few years, I learned that corporate attitudes and red tape were not for me. After speaking with my family, we decided to open our own brokerage under a new franchise. As I was about to sign a Franchise Agreement, one of my friends introduced me to Bob Simone and Better Living Real Estate®. After about 2 hours of conversations with Bob, I decided there was no need in me recreating the wheel. Everything that I wanted to do in a brokerage, Better Living Real Estate® was already doing.

The Dumont Group decided to make the move to Better Living Real Estate® because we felt we were returning to our original mission statement. Better Living Real Estate® takes a different approach to real estate, one that is built on personal interaction, win-win experiences and positive results. The motto says it all… “Better Living for a Better Life® - it is their baseline that guides everyone in the brokerage to leave a client in better shape and a better place than when we first met them.”

After an extensive search, we found a company that was once again closely aligned with our own mission statement; we also found a company that has all the tools and resources our agents need to grow their business and expertly service our clients. From Mentoring, Weekly Face to Face Training, 24/7 On Demand Support, Weekly round-table conversations, to the technology components and tools needed to be a paperless agent, as someone who has been an “e-Agent” for over 15 years, it is great to find a brokerage where I am not the only one. Better Living Real Estate® is built for all our agents to become e-Agents if they choose.

The Dumont Realty Group team is thrilled to have found a home that allows us a “Better Living for a Better Life®” while thriving and keeping true our original core values." - Kevin Dumont

Ashley Crosman Better Living Real Estate Career in Masschusetts

Vice President

"In my life before real estate I found myself sitting behind a desk and in front of a computer screen from 9-5. I worked for a few different "corporate" type companies as a graphic designer and marketing specialist. Creativity and design are my passion, and have always come naturally to me. I had always picture myself in a career that was focused around graphics, but all that changed when I accepted a position as a marketing director and graphic designer for a luxury Real Estate brokerage. This job was my introduction to the Real Estate world and completely changed my career focus. It was my job to market an entire brokerage, individual agents, and all the listings. I had an insider’s look into the life of an agent. I watched them whisper about their upcoming listings, brainstorm about "secret" marketing ideas, and learned to help them market their listings in a way that would make them stand apart from others.

My situation was unique because I got to see the "behind the scenes" aspect of the Real Estate business. It didn't take me long to understand the "ebb and flow" of the seasonal markets. In order to better understand the real estate business from an agent’s perspective, I decided to take the MA Real Estate License course. At the time, my only reason for taking the course was to gain a better perspective of the business, but what I got from the course was so much more. I knew right away that real estate was my calling and being a real estate agent was where my real passion was, so I took the test and became a licensed real estate agent.

Luckily for me, being an agent allows me to incorporate many of my skills and my education. I can be creative, yet step out from behind my computer screen, utilize my marketing background, socialize, and really make a difference in someone’s life.

I continued to work my corporate 9-5 job as a graphic designer/marketing specialist and worked using my real estate license in a part-time basis. I knew in my heart that my long-term career goal was now to become a full-time Realtor®. I was introduced to Better Living Real Estate® by a close family friend, Mike Lavery. I have known Mike my entire life, so I had complete faith in his advice and recommendations. When it came time to hang my license, Mike showed me how Better Living Real Estate® would fit perfectly with my goals and plans for a successful real estate career.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that Better Living Real Estate® was different. All the agents at Better Living Real Estate® genuinely support each other, they communicate with one another, and they collaborate! It is not a competition, and everyone truly wants each other to succeed. Within my first-round table I realized THIS was the team that I was looking for in a brokerage. Better Living Real Estate® provides me the ability to grow as a person and as a professional. When I was starting out, the agents within the brokerage have helped me increase my knowledge of the business and grow my self-confidence, all while remaining genuine, and personable. With my co-workers' help I learned the true meaning of "balance" and how to juggle life and business. I feel lucky to be a part of a team that genuinely pushes you to be your best and to be as successful as possible. It is so refreshing to grow my career in an environment that celebrates each other's successes in a non-competitive environment.

I’ve found my passion in real estate, and I truly can thank Better Living Real Estate for igniting the flame that allows me to love what I do; helping others, being part of a team, utilizing my creativity and being a part of my community." - Ashley Crosman

Greg Kincaid Real Estate License and Career Massachusetts


"My real estate career started in Boston, MA. I later relocated and joined a few different brokerages in Franklin, MA. At that time, I felt like I was “doing” real estate, having some successes, but I felt that I had never been with a brokerage or team that truly invested in increasing my knowledge, education and real estate skills, which was really important to me. I knew if I wanted to take my business to the next level, it would require better education and access to highly experienced mentors. Surrounding myself with people willing to invest in my professional development would in turn help me offer even more service to my clients. I knew that improving my learning opportunities and enhancing my professional knowledge, would increase my referral base, grow my business and provide a better life for me and my family .

While working with clients in Franklin, and attending several open houses, I met and spoke with several different brokers and agents about joining their agency, but I was not interested in leaving my current brokerage. I liked the brand, had a great relationship with the owner as well as the agents in my office, and had no intentions of leaving. In a word, I was “content” there.

I was invited by an agent at Better Living Real Estate® to attend an evening meetup that their brokerage was hosting. She was not trying to recruit me, she just said come have some food, drinks and meet some great people. At the meetup I met the owner Bob Simone and several other agents from the brokerage and had a great time! I was really impressed by their culture of friendliness, fun and level of intellect on certain real estate topics we discussed throughout the night.

On the drive home my head was spinning and I knew I found what I was looking for. I soon joined Better Living Real Estate®, and I soon found out why Better Living Real Estate® agents had a higher concentration of extremely intelligent and high achieving agents. Better Living Real Estate’s mission is modeled on mentoring, supporting and helping every agent to grow their business. It’s built on years of experience and success with a great business model.

Other programs like the Better Living Real Estates “ASPIRE” Mentoring Program and on-going education significantly increases your chances of success. I really like that you never feel like you're on an Island by yourself, or trying to “figure it out.” At Better Living Real Estate®, everyone leave's their ego at the front door and is here to help each other win with true “team” spirit.

I have immediate access to answers to complicated real estate questions on the fly through a four tier support system and my personal response team. The weekly “round tables” provide a wealth of real world information that is shared and learned through discussions with seasoned brokers and newer agents. The monthly lunch and learn Zoom meetings with guest speakers are interesting and knowledge building meetings that review specific services and economic reports that help me with adjusting by business and client expectations by adapting to the ever changing market conditions. These are all just a few of the many tools that have taken my professionalism and business to the next level at Better Living Real Estate®.

My personal favorite tool is the “Team Intranet!” A tool always at your fingertips for training, learning and exploring areas and topics of real estate that I never would have ever thought to explore or research.

There are great career advancement opportunities, and opportunities for wealth building through sponsorship and residual income. These are just a few opportunities I now have as part of my business plan.

The one piece of advice I would give any new agent is “don't go it alone!” Creating a great business model starts with great leadership, education and putting yourself in a positive, helpful environment that will help propel your growth and success. And, in my opinion Better Living Real Estate® checks all the boxes!" - Greg Kincaid

"A little back story as to why I became a real estate agent and why I choose Better Living Real Estate®. I worked for a municipality at the time I was hired, dispatching for my local police and fire departments. I'm married with two children, and my wife works as a legal secretary for a law firm in Bedford, MA.

With the two children, their dream was to always go to Disney World in Florida. Especially my daughter, who, like any young girl, wanted to see Cinderella's Castle. And in my opinion, every young girl should have the opportunity to go and experience seeing that Castle. My wife Dawn and I looked at prices to go for a week from time to time, and honestly, there was NO WAY we could ever afford it. Our goal was to save our tax refunds for a couple of years and put that towards it, but of course things came up that require money that we didn't have on hand, so into the tax refund we go.

I was introduced to Better Living Real Estate® by Brian Hermann, a Senior Associate with Better Living Real Estate®. I've known Brian for quite a long time and I've seen how successful he's been in real estate. In 2015, I had the thought of taking the course and giving Real Estate because I wanted to get into the business. One of the first goals I had was to take a portion of my first few closing commissions and bring the kids to Disney.

Once I had my license Brian sponsored me into the brokerage and the brokerage gave the me tools to be a successful agent.

I was hired by two clients very quickly. Like most new agents, my first few transactions weren't exactly smooth, but everyone at Better Living Real Estate® stuck by me, kept me on track and motivated. Both transactions closed successfully with happy clients!

Do you know what I did with both commission checks? Yup, I booked a trip to take my children to Disney! My daughter was going to be able the see the Castle! It would not have been possible without all the support and encouragement from Better Living Real Estate®. The training environment created at Better Living Real Estate® is top of the line! There are numerous tools for agents to find an answer, from the Tiers of Support on the Team Intranet to being able to reach out to my Sponsor and Team Leader with a question. This brokerage has a true Teamwork environment, which makes agents want to help out other agents. And, in this type of field, that's unheard of. More than once I have been told real estate is a cut throat industry. Well, NOT at Better Living Real Estate®!

And then what does the brokerage do? At the end of 2016, the brokerage increased the compensation rate IN FAVOR OF THE AGENT! Crazy. And of course, there are no desk fees and agents aren't forced to report to an office. Why wouldn't a real estate agent want to work here?

Sorry this is so long...let me sum it up this way.... the support I received and how the management runs this company, helped make my kids dream come true. Period. And when once I had been intimidated about being a new real estate agent, now, I can't wait for my next client.

Thank you Better Living Real Estate® " - Christopher Sullivan

"I decided to start a career as a real estate agent after working in management in the corporate finance and carpentry industries. I heard from several people who had been in real estate sales world that finding the right company to work for is key, and can make or break you as you start your career. Because of these warnings, I made sure I did my research before choosing a company. What drew me to Better Living Real Estate® at first was the compensation structure and the ability to grow and become a mentor within the company. After meeting with Bob Simone and learning more about the company, the reason I decided to join Better Living Real Estate® instead of another brokerage was their organized structure, resource availability, and the atmosphere of collaboratively working to help everyone within the company succeed.

One of the great things about Better Living Real Estate® is that they function very similar to other industry corporations, but with a mobile platform built to allow flexibility and withstand ever changing times. We have twice a week collaborative meetings to review, discuss, question and share ideas on building our real estate careers. We have a monthly company lunch covering current real estate industry information. We have a question and answer intranet to search for, or ask tenured agent questions for assistance. We have a team Facebook page to share listings, important information and continue weekly training discussions. Each agent is assigned a sponsor and a Vice President dedicated to them to reach out to and work with as they start their career. All of these elements are part of a 4 Tier Support system built into the company's business plan. Since the day I started, I have used each of these support tiers and have found extreme value in each.

Because the Better Living Real Estate's® business plan is built to foster collaboration, the ability to co-service clients and the encouragement to co-host Open Houses helps in starting your career, getting experience and exposure to new clients. In my first 4 months I was able to build relationships with my colleagues by following the business plan and putting what I learned into action. By attending meetings and building relationships, I was able to gain opportunities to co-service clients and co-host open houses with teammates. Having these opportunities available to me allowed me to start building my brand, prospect for new business and gain clients.

One of the most amazing things to me was how I was welcomed and supported since the day I started at Better Living Real Estate®. Attending some of these outings and meetings only knowing one or two other agents in a room full can be overwhelming, but because of the team building structure at Better Living Real Estate® each new agent is flooded with welcoming support from the initial announcement and beyond." - Jen Medas

"I have increased the amount of clients, commissions and support since switching to Better Living Real Estate®. I've seen how Better Living Real Estate® can help you achieve your Real Estate goals.

During my real estate career, I have been a part of brokerages large and small, all promising the same things, "technology, leads, training, etc." In my opinion, those brokerages over promised and under delivered time and time again. When initially interviewing with Better Living Real Estate®, because of my past experiences, I thought it was too good to be true and where must be a catch. After speaking with multiple Better Living Real Estate® Associates before joining, the positive energy was evident. This is a great company to be a part of, and what the company has to offer is really as good as it sounds.

With experience working at other brokerages, after joining Better Living Real Estate®, it was the first time in my real estate career that I truly felt that I made the right decision. All that was promised, was true. No monthly fees. No franchise fees. Residual income opportunities. Easy to use Technology, WEEKLY training and much more! The Collaboration is something I hadn’t seen at any other brokerage. Also, Better Living Real Estate® is a fully digital brokerage, which in today's times, is more relevant than ever! The systems of Better Living Real Estate® are set up to make your life as an agent more efficient, better organized and always look like a true professional.

When changed brokerages and I started with Better Living Real Estate®, it was at the beginning of the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic. In less than one year at Better Living Real Estate®, I have drastically increased the amount of clients, prospects, commissions and knowledge in a short period of time. I used to feel like I was floating in the middle of the real estate ocean with no direction. Now, after following the systems that Better Living Real Estate® offers (for free) to all its associates, I have exponentially grown my business, despite a global pandemic and a challenging year for all. I am proof of how Better Living Real Estate® can help you achieve your Real Estate goals." - Michael Giovangelo

Brian Hermann Better Living Real Estate Career

Vice President

"I joined Better Living Real Estate® over ten years ago when I first became a licensed salesperson. At the time, I was an experienced public servant with a local community. After meeting and interviewing with multiple brokerages including the large franchises, I finally met Bob Simone and his team of professionals who showed true honesty, integrity, and commitment not only to their clients but, more importantly, to the team's employees. I immediately felt welcome and invigorated to learn and become knowledgeable and successful in the real estate field.

Better Living Real Estate® is an industry leader with innovative, evolving technology systems, powerful training opportunities, and generous compensation packages. The work environment instills teamwork, companionship, and support and the company's success is built on the input of the employee's ideas, contributions, and leadership. There are real estate services and opportunities available with us that simply don't exist in other real estate brokerages. I am proud to be part of a brokerage that seeks to assist our clients with a "Better Living for a Better Life"! - Brian Hermann

Holly Murphy Better Living Real Estate Career


"I have had my Real Estate license for over fourteen years, during that time I have worked with other agencies. I then took some time off to be a stay at home mom for my children. When I was ready to go back to my passion which has always been in Real Estate, after meeting with Bob Simone Owner & Broker, and learning what Better Living Real Estate® had to offer, I immediately knew I wanted to join the team. After working at Better Living Real Estate®, I can honestly say that no other brokerage could ever come close to comparing to Better Living Real Estate®.

I am extremely impressed with the Business channels, continued training, and team support that all of the mentors and management have implemented. You are not only working with one manager, you're supported by entire team!

What I truly love about Better Living Real Estate®, is the flexibility. You are able to work from the comfort of your own home or while on the road, using a robust mobile office platform. I would highly recommend anyone to consider a position at Better Living Real Estate® because of the continued support from a highly qualified experienced team." - Holly Murphy

"Better Living Real Estate® first appealed to me because of the unique business model it offers. At Better Living Real Estate®, you are offered a terrific compensation plan, as well as the opportunity to create personal revenue within your own team. I also was drawn to Better Living Real Estate® because of its strong market presence.

Once I finally joined in 2018 from my former brokerage, I was able to see the real differences that set Better Living Real Estate® apart. Better Living Real Estate® has a progressive approach to providing real estate services in an ever-evolving culture. It offers a mobile and "Green" platform, which makes doing business accessible, convenient and practical. I am able to attend meetings and trainings from wherever I am, as well as access any needed forms and useful material.

The training is unlike any other I've seen. The company’s internal Team Intranet is invaluable, providing endless resources, information and support. I would say the most valuable part of Better Living Real Estate® is the overall emphasis on the TEAM. From the top down, there has always been an open line of communication and support. Upon joining, I had my Vice President in my corner for training, questions and as a teammate. It made a positive difference in my working experience, and especially made it fun!

Better Living Real Estate® also provides an opportunity for each agent to build a professional LSN team, or Lead Share Network®. It is a business team of professionals in related industries that you can trust, connect with, and share opportunities with each other. This team approach allows us to give our clients a comprehensive support system through their transaction which makes all the difference for them.

Better Living Real Estate® is a brokerage I would recommend to anyone at any point in their real estate career. Their mission, “Better Living for a Better Life®” applies to their agents and their clients. They truly want their agents to have a meaningful work life balance, and want their clients to receive the best service. I am so grateful and proud to be a part of this fabulous group!" - Shanti Collins

Paul Helgesen Better Living Real Estate Career

Paul Helgesen


"Writing a testimonial for Better Living Real Estate® is an easy thing for me to do. The time that I have been aboard stands in sharp contrast to the sixteen years I spent with Re/Max. There are several differences that jump right out at me: technology, training, communications, motivation and teamwork.

Re/Max purports to be the technology leader, but somehow its satellite broadcast system and “do it yourself” education modules seem outdated. Better Living Real Estate® has blown me away with its matrix comprised of channels of opportunity, multiple tiers for problem solving, “Go-To” modules for training and lead sharing networks for tapping into new business. In my first few days aboard, the coach who was assigned to me got my dashboard set up and I was on my way. He helped get my customers organized in the "Drive" on my new laptop. Then he pushed me into social media - a first for me. Now, with everything linked together, I’m getting more benefit and value than ever from my cell phone – I even threw away my Daytimer!

My motivation at Re/Max was limited. There were some regional events – few and far between. There was an annual convention – expensive to participate with meals, hotel and airfare. On a day-to-day basis there was not a lot of contact – hence, not much team spirit. But, whether an agent or a broker/owner, the hand was always out there for another fee to be paid.

Better Living Real Estate® is the polar opposite! I get constant communication with emails, updates, online meetings, lunch & learns – a real sense of esprit de corp. Thanks for the motivation and a great head start in an exciting new direction." - Paul Helgesen

Better Living Real Estate Career

Faye Hillman


"I've been with this brokerage since the early days when it was Buyer's Network, Inc., before our amazing re-branding to Better Living Real Estate®. Prior to joining, I was a real estate broker for one of the top three national and well know real estate companies, which had unlimited funds to advertise nationally on radio, TV, and media publications. I thought that working for one of the big three was the way to go, when in fact it lacked supervision, training, sense of family and caring for its agents. Immediately, Bob Simone, very busy with his own 24/7 schedule developing our brokerage's business systems, unselfishly found the time and took me under his wing. In spite of my prior reasonable training, he taught me the ‘golden business rules’ which he lived by, and proved to be a model for a successful career. This included building trustworthy relationships with clients, accomplished by means of diligent research of properties closely tailored to the needs of the clients at hand, the constant follow up and prompt contact with the client all leading to a successful closing, a happy buyer with a reasonable assurance of referral business.

After sixteen years with Buyer's Network, as a top producer for many of those, much of the success I attribute to our brokerage's sharing environment and teamwork, we evolved into Better Living Real Estate®. It's been an exciting of growth into a full service agency with the exceptional training and business experience by all the managers.

If you want a better career in real estate, and are presently dissatisfied with your present circumstance consider joining Better Living Real Estate®, where you will be part of growing family of successful brokers and agents who have found that the business models developed by Better Living Real Estate® bring not only financial rewards but equally important, personal gratification." - Faye Hillman