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By Bob Simone, Founder :  For the better part of my professional real estate career, I knew that I could be successful only when I believed that I was doing the right thing for myself and the people that depended on me, including my family and clients.   I also had to develop confidence in my knowledge and myself in order to create the mindset for success.  Learning the business, ethics and professional practice of being a true "real estate" professional was just part of my early success goals.  I also needed to seek out and surround myself with other real estate agents and brokers that shared similar goals and passion for helping people and families.  This collaborative process was part of the genesis of Better Living Real Estate®.

It's not everyday that you find a real estate brokerage with so many caring, thoughtful and supportive people, always ready to encourage you, support you and cheer your success.  I have been fortunate in my career and professional relationships to work with these fellow real estate professionals at Better Living Real Estate®, and I know that you will feel the same way too. 

Better Living Real Estate Career Success

Success is what I focus on throughout my life.  Each day I evaluate and continue to improve.  I plan my career, energy and endeavors building and striving to achieve success without limitation.  This is a philosophy I share with my kids, family, and fellow Associates at Better Living Real Estate.

Success isn't all about always winning.  Like most people, I have had my share of failures too. Throughout my career I've learned that failures don't have to to be permanent set backs.  They really are just a part of the learning process on the road to success.  The risk of failure often keeps people from taking a chance on achieving greater success, and that fear sometimes prevents them from pushing themselves to be better and make necessary positive changes.  

We're all human.  We're going to have our share of success and failures.  My advice is "DON'T BE AFRAID OF CHANGE."  Reach for the stars and surround yourself with people that do the same.  There's a difference between "luck" and "success."  Identifying the difference between the two is important for any person who is looking to build their success.  At Better Living Real Estate® , we are always reaching for the stars, helping both our Associates and clients achieve success.

Don't Be Afraid To Make Positive Changes. 

Take control of your life by making changes and decisions that improve your well being. 

We'll Help You Successfully Achieve Your Goals. 

Once we become successful at something, I think most of us have a natural instinct to share, mentor and teach others the things we do to be successful.  We want others to learn how to use that information to build their own success.  That's one of the reasons that our tiered support systems work so well.  Whether it's successful habits or successful actions, "success" is no accident, and it isn't based on luck.  Success is a daily decision; one that requires hard work, great collaboration and determination to pull off.  Those ingredients are built into our Better Living Real Estate® Business Plan and Support Systems.

Bob Simone 

Broker & Founder

I've managed and trained many people, built a few successful companies, had my share of failures, taken risks and enjoyed wonderful rewards.  Now I'm certainly no Steve Jobs, but like most, I have been inspired by him the more that I learned about his determination to be successful.  I'd like to share with you a speech he made in 2005 to Stanford University graduates as they begin their professional lives.  He has an amazing way of inspiring people to think, and perhaps see things differently when they are open to it.  Well, you be the judge and enjoy this clip below....

.... And, one last thing, "thank you" for considering being an important part of our Better Living Real Estate® Team.  Our Associates shape our business ideals, inspire our teammates, and focus on a real estate system that truly allows you to be better and help more people.  In your daily endeavors, we want you to join us in continuing to bring success to the lives of the people you touch daily.

Be Inspired.   Be Part of Something Better.   Create a Better Living For A Better Life®.