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Annual "CAP" + "Residual Income" is a WEALTH BUILDING PLAN.

Keep 100% of the GROSS COMMISSION with our CAP Benefit, and receive additional passive residual income for truly UNLIMITED personal income growth paying you OVER 100% Gross Commission. Plus there are NO FRANCHISE Fees, you'll receive free business software, great support and so much more! At Better Living Real Estate®, you have multiple ways to earn TOP INCOME with the best compensation plan in the industry.

Whether you are a seasoned real estate expert or a new real estate licensee, we've developed compensation and employment positions that work conveniently with your schedule and lifestyle. It's not just about earning industry leading commissions, we'll help you build long term residual wealth that provides you a better living, better life and more retirement income.

Real Estate Wealth and Commission Income at Better Living Real Estate


We've developed an industry leading compensation plan that starts with you earning 70% of the GROSS COMMISSION and then quickly ramp up to 100% GROSS COMMISSION as part of your annual "CAP Benefit" compensation program.


With our residual income program, we've created three different ways for you to earn significantly more income without ever selling real estate. As a Sponsor or Vice President , you can earn up to 9% of the GROSS COMMISSION from agents that you introduce and/or mentor when they join Better Living Real Estate®. This residual income is paid to you monthly, and is not tied to the company's profit. You are paid a residual commission for each closing that a sponsored or mentored real estate licensee closes.


Our CAP Compensation and Residual Commissions are not tied to the brokerage profit margins or accounting balance sheet. You get paid when each transaction closes and before the brokerage gets paid. We don't tie your income to the brokerage, instead it's directly tied to closed transactions. We call this our "Honest Compensation Plan," and we make sure you get paid fast. No false promises and No Gimmicks!

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No Franchise Fees | Awesome Commissions & Residual Income

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Better Living Real Estate® does not charge any monthly or franchise fees to our Associates.

NO franchise fees, NO monthly brokerage fees, NO technology fees, NO insurance fees, NO advertising fees, and NO desk fees are charged to our producing Associates. Our commission splits are easy to understand and are HONEST Splits.

Part Time Real Estate Career Opportunities at Better Living Real Estate


We have extremely lucrative compensation for full-time Associates, and amazing opportunities for part-time Associates looking to build their real estate careers.

If you're geared toward management and leadership opportunities, we'll help you grow a team or open a local branch office without any franchise fees, liabilities or costs. We support your personal goals and success on multiple levels, including the opportunity to earn incredible passive residual income.

A REAL WEALTH BUILDING OPPORTUNITY! Our brokerage commissions are paid from the GROSS COMMISSION received and retained by the brokerage, AND commissions are paid by your choice of check or direct deposit into your bank account. We provide you greater flexibility and more options.


As a sustainable and fast growing real estate brand, Better Living Real Estate® has the ability to quickly adapt to market conditions and create new innovations to make your job and career better. Your opportunities are limitless with us. We’re in the business of empowering and supporting our Associates, and our “Honest Compensation Plan” is the absolute best in the industry. OUR OPPORTUNITIES fit your LIFESTYLE and CAREER Goals!

How It Works

Active Real Estate Sales Agent & Broker Positions

Start at 70% Gross Commission Split

Build to 100% Gross Commission annually with our "CAP Benefit" Program

Join Better Living Real Estate® with the intent of helping buyers and sellers with their purchase or sale of real estate, and enjoy the opportunity to earn significant income. No matter the type of real estate license you hold, we use the term "Associate" for the purpose of describing how our compensation plan works in the examples we review below.


All Associates at Better Living Real Estate® work on an annual compensation plan that starts the first day you join our brokerage, and runs for a consecutive 12 months until the yearly anniversary of your start date. We call this your Annual Compensation Period.

For instance, if an Associate officially joined the brokerage on July 12, then the annual compensation period would run for 12 months from July 12 to July 11 each year.

Better Living Real Estate Full Time Career Success

During an Associate's annual compensation period, an Associate participates in a 70/30 split of the brokerage's Gross Retained Commission from each of the Associate's closed transactions. Associates are paid 70% of the Gross Retained Commission (Associate Side Split) for each closed transaction and the brokerage retains 30% of the Gross Retained Commission (Brokerage Side Split) until the brokerage collects a total of $24,000 during the Associate's annual compensation period.

Once the brokerage collects the $24,000 "Brokerage Side Split," the Associate's compensation "CAPs" whereby the Associate then collects 100% of the of the Gross Retained Commission during the remainder of their annual compensation period, minus a nominal $95 closing processing and commission payment fee. We call this a "CAP Benefit" during the Associate's annual CAP period.

Better Living Real Estate® has several positions that allow you to enjoy a professional real estate career and build wealth during your annual compensation period.


We help new real estate agents learn the skills necessary to succeed. We provide an abundance of TRAINING that will help you build a lasting career in real estate and achieve your goals as either a part-time or full time agent. Let us help you grow your book of business or expand your career and opportunities. Our training will get you up and running in the right direction with the ability to earn a great income. Contact us for more information and an interview.


For experienced real estate agents, our career and income growth paths can be tailored to your personal career and closing volume goals. Our promise to you is that we'll help YOU close more business! Real estate licensees that have joined us from other brokerages will tell you that by using our proven business building systems, they've increased their business and NET INCOME in just their first year. Our training, support, technology and proven business model is easy to learn and easy to put into practice. You'll perform at a higher level and give your clients better service with our turn-key business systems that assist you throughout the process.


If you're a leader and want to grow your own team or even open your own Better Living Real Estate® Branch office, we should talk! With our residual income, management compensation plan and full support from our brokerage, our "Support" Vice President and Branch Manager positions were custom developed for your entrepreneurial goals. Better Living Real Estate® provides you with everything you need to grow your own brand and team with our proven brokerage solutions. At Better Living Real Estate®, we include all the free technology, free training and free support your team needs to be productive and successful. All of this and with NO FRANCHISE FEES! Ask us for more details on how to take advantage of these these "career advancing" positions.

Have a conversation with us to learn even more about how we invest in you to help you grow and succeed!

Passive and Residual Income

Let's start by describing your passive residual income opportunities as a Sponsor. Our Sponsorship program easily allows any of our real estate licensees to earn residual income by introducing a new Associate to our brokerage. Once your introduced Associate joins Better Living Real Estate®, you start earning residual income as their "Sponsor." We describe and diagram our 1st Tier Sponsor and 2nd Tier Sponsor opportunities in more detail further below.

Better Living Real Estate Profit Sharing

Sponsor an Associate

Two Tiers of Residual Income

When you sponsor, refer, or recruit another real estate licensee to Better Living Real Estate® for employment, you're known as the Sponsoring Associate or "Sponsor." As a Sponsor, you earn passive residual commissions from every real estate closing originated by an Associate that you sponsor, and by Associates who are then sponsored by your Sponsored Associates. It's a two tier system of paying you for introducing new Associates to our amazing brokerage, and a way for you to potentially earn thousands of dollars per month in additional income. We call these residual commissions "Sponsorship Residuals."

It's important to note that all Sponsors are paid from the 30% GROSS COMMISSION retained by the brokerage as the "brokerage side split." Residual payments DO NOT negatively impact the Sponsored Associate's commission. The Sponsored Associate is always paid the full 70% GROSS COMMISSION from their closing as shown in the table below. The 1st Tier Sponsor earns 5% of the Gross Commission from a Sponsored Associate's closing. The 2nd Tier Sponsor earns 1% of the Gross Commission.

The ability to earn two separate tiers of residual income creates a "compounding" effect, allowing you a potentially unlimited number of Associates sponsored in the 2nd Tier of passive residual income.

We Pay YOU Real Residuals and Commissions after Each Closing.


Start at 70% and then "CAP" at 100% GROSS COMMISSION annually.

Here's a sample breakdown of how commissions would be paid prior to reaching 100% commission CAP compensation. The table below provides a sample breakdown of how pre-CAP commissions are paid for a $400,000 sale whereby the brokerage kept 2.5% MLS cooperating broker commission equaling $10,000 GROSS Retained Commission.

With a Sponsored Associate earning a 70% commission split, you'll note that both the 1st and 2nd Tier Sponsors as well as the Support Vice President are all paid from the Brokerage Side Split. Those residual payments do not affect the Associate's 70% Gross Commission income from the closing.

The example diagram below shows how significant income is shared by the brokerage with the Support Vice President and both the 1st Tier and 2nd Tier Sponsors. You're able to grow passive residual income and more wealth by simply introducing great real estate licensees to our brokerage and helping them get up and running with us. Everybody wins with our compensation plan!

*Please note that the above is an example, and that actual commission splits depend on the sale price of the property. Additional factors may affect actual commission splits and payments which may include closing cost concessions, MLS rules and regulations, etc. Sponsors are not paid residuals from company generated leads or company generated clients. Sponsors are paid when the client is generated by the sponsored Associate. For more information and answers to your questions, have a confidential conversation with us. **A nominal $95 administrative fee is charged to process closings during participation in the annual CAP Benefit program. Ask for further details during a confidential interview.

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Honest Compensation & GROSS Commission

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