A Career with Meaning

Be Better and Help People at Better Living Real Estate®

Better Living For A Better Life®

It's more than our motto.

  It's a Great Way to Measure a Company.

Real Estate Career Benefits at Better Living Real Estate

We look to add smart, energetic and talented contributors to our Better Living Real Estate® team.  Each new Associate adds more intellectual resources that makes our brokerage and client resource stronger and better.  You have the power to make a difference at Better Living Real Estate®.

At Better Living Real Estate®, rest assured that you'll be working with real estate brokers, agents and a company that truly cares about all aspects of a professional real estate process and positive work environment.  We believe that the end results of helping you succeed is what ensures your client's success. 

Our Mission is to Be Better & Help People.  That's what gives meaning to our motto of Better Living For A Better Life®, and is what drives our passion to be the best educated real estate professionals in the industry.

Our team approach of helping one another has cultivated a collaborative environment as well as a very caring and giving spirit at our company.  You can see it by how friendly and helpful our Associates act towards one another at our weekly education events, roundtables , Social MeetUPs and other company events. 

It's a great place to work and make a positive difference in people's lives.

Every company and brokerage needs to have a mission and belief system to give it purpose and direction.  People employed at a company should be there because they believe in the values their company represents.  In real estate, like most industries, you have a choice as to where your personal vision and ethics will take you. We believe that a "better living" is achievable for both our clients and Associates. 

Better Living For A Better Life® is more than just a motto, it's part of our core mission and our promise to always work to make your professional career in real estate a better experience as part of our team of highly trained real estate experts.

Better Living Real Estate Career Training

Our Mission is to

Be Better & Help People

Real Estate Career in Massachuetts

Real estate is more than a career when done right, it's about helping people and families with their dreams, lifestyle, housing and the biggest financial investment of their lives. 

This is a hugely important responsibility for any career minded real estate licensee, and our brokerage supports you every step of the way in becoming the best professional in the industry.  Our training, one to one mentoring, educational systems, software, back office operations and real estate process has been designed with input from our Associates and real estate industry experts. We provide you all the tools and support to ensure you are exceeding expectations and running your business in the most efficient and easy way possible.

By providing you with the resources you need, you'll be able to help more people and families by being their expert real estate resource. We're all connected in this process, let's make it an excellent experience together!

Real Estate Career in Rhode Island

Better Living for a Better Life® is our baseline and core philosophy that we test all company systems and decisions against.  This ensures that we are always operating the highest ethical standards for the well-being of our both our customers and our Associates

With the right focus and resources, our intention is to always leave a client in better shape and a better place than when we first met them.  After all, it's part of our belief in helping people and families, and why we invest in your success, education and continuous training opportunities.

You're clients will love that you've chosen to be part of our team and mission to help them with their important real estate needs.

Education and Teamwork

Connecting with your peers is an important way of sharing and learning from one another, so we organize "live" weekly training and fun monthly social events to build collaboration and teamwork.  In Better Living Real Estate®, we developed a very forward thinking company that leverages today's best mobile office technology and highly experienced real estate experts to help you succeed.

Our focus on teamwork is part of building both a personal and company wide real estate system of kindness and professionalism, where egos are checked at the door and a helping hand is always extended. 

This comprehensive "team-oriented" approach to helping and supporting one another improves the productivity, income and work environment of our Associates.  A happy and supportive place to work translates into a better real estate experience for our Associates and their clients.

Real Estate Career Education

Our Associates are involved in the ideas, development and leadership of our brokerage.  They serve on advisory panels, leadership team, and community programs including CommunityProtectors.org and more. 

Better Living for a Better Life® isn't just a tagline.  It describes how we are part of such a caring and ethical team that truly helps people enjoy today's "American Dream" and so much more.  It's not only profitable, but also gratifying to make such a positive impact on people's lives as part of Better Living Real Estate®. 

Real Estate Career Teamwork

Paul Helgesen describes why joining Better Living Real Estate® was a great decision for his real estate career and why our mission has meaning for our Associates and clients.  Enjoy "Helping People and Families" and truly enjoy the people you work with at your brokerage. Our Associates help and care about one another's success.  It's meaningful and empowering to your career!